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OSPTA Morgantown is a specialty orthopedic and sports care clinic that treats patients from a unique movement, biomechanical, and neurodynamic perspective. We use a combination of advanced orthopedic manual physical therapy skills combined with neuromuscular reeducation and therapeutic exercise to help make our patients feel and function better.

OSPTA has a 99% patient satisfaction rate. Our goal is to get you back to the things you love to do most. These activities typically include running, fishing, hunting, gardening, returning to work, or playing with your children/grandchildren. We will work as a team to decrease your pain, improve your function, and enhance your performance. 

You can be confident that when you refer a friend or family member to OSPTA Morgantown they will receive the same level of excellent care that you received. We will make you feel welcomed, listen to your problems, educate you about musculoskeletal health, and help you get better. Expect a difference in your health. You can attend physical therapy through direct access by calling your insurance to see if you need a physician's authorization. If you do not need a physician's authorization/script, you can attend outpatient physical therapy at OSPTA Morgantown and your insurance will pay for it. If your insurance requires that you have an authorization from a physician, you can call or visit your primary care physician, your orthopedist, your neurologist, a pain management specialist, or your surgeon to write you a script for physical therapy.