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​​​​Office Location: 

3109 University Ave 

Suite C2

Morgantown WV 26505 US

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Core Purpose 

Our core purpose is to provide preventative musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation services to allow patients to maximize their functional abilities by treating the source of their pain, not the symptoms.

Core Values

1. Dedication to quality care by providing a positive rehabilitation atmosphere, focusing on therapeutic outcomes, achieving high patient satisfaction and maintaining cost effective treatment.

2. Provide personalized patient care by emphasizing a teamwork aproach and "HANDS ON" care by our office and clinical staff. 

3. Create a close knit corporation that desires the respect, loyalty, and dedication of its employees. 

4. Committed to providing a high level of satisfaction to its patients, physicians, payers, and employees. 

5. Dedicated to the ethical and professional standards set forth by the American Physical Therapy Association. 

Code of Ethics

Principle #1: Physical therapists shall respect the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals. 

Principle #2: Physical therapists shall be trustworthy and compassionate in addressing the rights and needs of patients/clients. 

Principle #3: Physical therapists shall be accountable for making sound professional judgments.

Principle #4: Physical therapists shall demonstrate integrity in their relationships with patients/clients, families, colleagues, students, research participants, other health care providers, employers, payers, and the public.

Principle #5: Physical therapists shall fulfill their legal and professional obligations. 

Principle #6: Physical therapists shall enhance their expertise through the lifelong acquisition and refinement of knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional behaviors. 

Principle #7: Physical therapists shall promote organizational behaviors and business practices that benefit patients/clients and society. 

Principle #8: Physical therapists shall participate in efforts to meet the health needs of people locally, nationally, or globally.